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Welcome to! Thanks for joining us. As a matter of a quick introduction, we are Tone Deaf… a classic rock band that focuses primarily on 70's rock… but better known as

“A drinking band with a rock and roll problem!”

We’re not the prettiest band going (however, we’ve seen tons uglier), we’re not the most talented (we’re impressed when we hold the guitar the right way), and we’re not the “hardest working band in…”, but we can probably drink all those bands under the table! That’s right, we’s a party band! It’s rock and roll… this ain’t rocket science. You drink, you dance, you have a great time, you hate yourself in the morning.

Tone Deaf started back in the year 2000 as a way to get out of the house and have a couple of pints with the fellas. Not much has really changed since then. Well, the band has changed a bit… people come and people go… but the main focus of the band remains the same. Have a cocktail and have a good time!

“Never mind your daughters, hide your beer!”

No one will ever accuse us of “nailing a song note for note”. That's really not our style... not to mention that would require all together too much effort. No, instead we do a “Tone Deafinized” version. It just makes it that much more interesting... and easier to play whilst intoxicated! Really, you just have to make it out to a show and see what we're all about. A list of songs (check out our The Music page) and a bio (check out our The Band page) really does nothing to tell you what the band sounds like. Even an MP3 recording or video doesn't give you the live feel, the party atmosphere. We invite you to check out our Show Listings page, find out when and where we are playing, and check out a show. We guarantee you won't be bored!

Tone Deaf comes in many shapes and sizes too. Our full line up is a four piece, straight ahead rock thing. But we also have an “Unplugged” version with electric guitars being traded out for acoustic ones. We come as a three piece show too. Well, in actual fact, we come in any size and shape you can imagine. It all part of Tone Deaf (Canada)… one stop shopping for your musical entertainment needs. Check out the Tone Deaf (Canada) page and/or our alter egos Semi Tone and Sugar Dali.

If you're interested in booking us, we conveniently have a page called Booking... fancy that! And because we are all about entertainment, we have several other pages available to keep you amused, from our Whas Up page (keeping you up-to-date) to our R U Bored, Are You a Drunkard and Other Stuff pages. And when you want to drop us a line, or you are just simply sick of us, you can check out our Contact Us/Links page.

Below is listed where you can catch Tone Deaf next. Thanks for stopping in and happy surfing!

Tone Deaf - Cactusfest 08
Thisty Cactus - Cactusfest 2008


Tone Deaf @ Jerseys
Tone Deaf
Friday January 24th, 2020

Jersey's Bar and Grill
1450 Headon Road, Burlington - Phone (905) 319-0525

Show Time: 10:00 PM

Always great to be back at Jerseys!
Come by for dinner and stay for the show!

For more information visit
For a map and/or directions, click on Google Maps

We used to be a young band!
Tone Deaf
February 8th, 2020

Tin Cup Sports Grill
1831 Walkers Line , Burlington - Phone (905) 315-7727

Show Time: 9:00 PM

Live music at Tin Cup on Saturday nights!
And on February 8th, yup, it's us!
Join us for dinner and a pint! Cheers!

For more information visit
For a map and/or directions, click on Google Maps

For a full listing of upcoming shows,
click on Show Listings.

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