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Any band is only as strong as its weakest link… and we have so many weak links to choose from! But we’ve got the right attitude… “Cocktail please!” If you added up the years of experience of the members that make up this collective, you’d have, well, a lot of years. Hey, we’re musicians, not mathematicians! If it weren’t for spell check we wouldn’t even be able to spell “mathematicians”. But seriously, we're old! But we've aged well… like a fine wine. And there’s nothing like a good box of wine, is there? And talented! Well, no. But we like to bill ourselves as:

"The best looking southern Ontario classic rock band with a drummer named Stan!"

And if you think its easy finding a drummer named Stan, well think again! We’ve found two, maybe three. But, we do guarantee you, if you come out to a show, and get as hammered as we do (state dependent memory to play these songs don’t you know), we are going to sound and look much, much better. Almost passable! Oh, but liver damage is a definite issue, so we suggest you leave it at home.

Without further adieu, we introduce you to the band:

Tone Deaf - Mark
  Vocals, Guitar
A guitar player for over 30 years (yikes!), Mark may one day get it right, but we highly doubt it. Ah, but as he always says, “I play it the way they meant to record it.”, a motto the entire band has now adopted. And it’s not like he can fall back on his vocal prowess to make a living either. Oh, but the boy has heart, and, strangely enough, a lot of energy for a man of his…width. You know the type, one of those guys that make you think, “Crap, if he can do it, anybody can.” Yup, he’s motivating alright.


Tone Deaf - Adam
  Bass, Vocals
Ah, Adam… the baby of the band. In actual fact, the only reason he’s in the band is because he brings the average age down. Well, that and he's actually pretty good… when he’s sober… but that is so rarely the case. Handsome devil though! But don't tell him… dealing with the ego is tough enough. Adam's been part of Tone Deaf since it's inception… he just won't go away. Guess we should stop feeding him.


Tone Deaf - Stan
  Drums, Vocals
The lowly drummer. Why are there so many drummer jokes? Because they’ve earned them! And Stanley is no exception. You certainly wouldn’t wanna stand out in the crowd or anything now would you?! Stan has played in a multitude of bands, from wedding bands to heavy bar bands. What he’s finally found in Tone Deaf is a legitimate way to get out of the house and go drinking with the fellas. At least he has his priorities straight.


Tone Deaf - Marianne
  Guitar, Vocals
Our newest "New Guy" just happens to be a chick... and really isn't that new anymore. When do you stop calling them the new guy anyways? And even though she can put Mark to shame vocally, we like to keep her in her place... well, most of the time. You just can't keep a good woman down! Marianne has also improved the look of the band tremendously and added that much needed designated driver. Now all that we have to do is fatten the girl up! After all, there is a required number of chins needed to join this band.


Tone Deaf (Canada) Alumni

When you been together as a band as long as Tone Deaf has, and drank as much beer as they have, there are bound to be casualties. And this would be them! The extremely exclusive group know as the Tone Deaf (Canada) Alumni.

Tone Deaf - Paul
  Plucker of G-Strings
Paul joined Tone Deaf in 2006... and joined the Alumni group in 2007. When he's not touring with Mama Kin (aspirations of being Brad Whitford... or possibly Ray Tabano) he hangs around and drinks our beer. As he always says, "I'll only leave Tone Deaf wearing a toe tag!" Hmmm? Nah.


Tone Deaf - Warren
  Played With His Organ
Warren joined the Tone Deaf Alumni group in the summer of 2006, with a goal of finishing his PHD. Which he did... at some point! Still having trouble with the concept of calling him "doctor". Warren suffered five years in the band, four of them gigging. His limit was 75 shows, not too shabby. Now he's joined the has-beens, a club he's belonged to before. Oh, but you know he'll be out there again as some point.


Tone Deaf Alumnus - Peter
  The Old Drummer Dude
Peter was one of the first ones in, and was the first one out. Left the band and got the wife pregnant. What exactly where you thinking 'bout boy!? So, now he's playing more than he ever did, no doubt to escape the wife and kids. Pete survived for almost 4 years total, just over 2 years gigging...a total of 35 shows.


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