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Sugar Dali isn't a new band by any means, and it has seen it's share of members over the years. In 2002 they produced a ten song self titled CD and toured numerous bars and clubs. At the heart of the band has always been Marianne, lead singer and guitar player. She has carried the name through all the line up changes, working with many great musician along the way.

In 2007 Marianne met the fellas in Tone Deaf, and things really haven't been the same since. She realized at that point that she had made a lot of good choices in life, and this probably wasn't gonna be one of them. Yes, Marianne and Sugar Dali became a part of the Tone Deaf (Canada) family.

Sugar Dali is a very unique band. The original material on their album is extremely strong, and the cover material isn't restricted to "female vocal" style bands at all. Marianne's voice has such a presents, such a rasp, she easily moves between a Sheryl Crow and a Led Zeppelin, from Melissa Etheridge to Guns N' Roses. Add to that the versatility of the rest of the members, you have a best of the best scenario! But, all that said, as is always the case, seeing is believing. Billy Joel said it very well, "You can't get the sound from a story in a magazine." So why not come out to a show? If you want to catch Sugar Dali live, or for that matter, Tone Deaf (which Marianne plays with) or Semi Tone (which Marianne guests with), just click on Show Listings to find out where and when you can catch a show. To book a show, be it the full 4 piece band, three or two piece, or Marianne solo, click on, you guessed it, Booking.

While you're here, there's plenty of other surfing to do. Check out Tone Deaf (Canada) or read about it's members at The Band. Stop in at The Music to see what you might hear. You can check out Whas Up to find out what we are doing and what we are finding amusing. Speaking of amusing, entertainment is the name of our game, so look no further. We have R U Bored, R U a Drunkard and Other Stuff just to keep you amused. And being the nice folk we are, once you've had enough of us, you can click on Contact Us/Links and find somewhere else cool to surf. We like to consider ourselves one stop shopping.

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