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Tue Mar 17th (5:00-9:00) - Jerseys (Burlington)

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Welcome to 2020!!


Hey, thanks for stopping in to! The website has changed around a bit so if you're a return visitor, take the time to take a quick peak around. The entire listing of upcoming shows, be it for Semi Tone, Mono Tone, Tone Deaf or Sugar Dali, is all located on the Show Listings page. Just trying to make things easy for everyone.

Let's see if we can answer all the burning questions of the day:

Who, or what, is Semi Tone?
Semi Tone (and Mono Tone) is a spin-off of Tone Deaf. It actually started as Mono Tone, Mark's solo project. Just him, an acoustic guitar, a microphone and a mitt full of harmonicas. Later, in late 2005, Adam joined the fold and Semi Tone was born, adding bass guitar and extra vocals. In 2010 it morphed again, switching bass out for percussion (our boy Stan!). And that's how it stands today, a great acoustic/percussion duo, perfect for pub, patio or what have you. And Mark still does lots of the Mono Tone thing too.

What kinda of music do they play?
Because they are directly related to Tone Deaf, you can be sure to hear lots of the Classic Rock that those boys are known for. Throw into the mix a bevy of other tunes, from America to Zevon (got that A to Z thing in!), from the late '60 to, well, somewhere close to today, and you have your mix. They'll try anything...whether they know it or not! Usually not.

Where could we expect to see them?
How about, everywhere! The cool thing about Tone Deaf (Canada) and all it's configurations, is they have an ideal set up for any situation...any size room. You got 1, 2 and 3 piece acoustic set ups and 3 and 4 piece electric set ups. Male and/or female vocals. We can even supply classical guitar for weddings and such. If you click on Booking there is a bit of a description of the different set-ups offered.

The best way to experience a Semi Tone show is to see one. Sure, we could add a snippet of a live performance but that is never gonna tell the whole story. Even a picture can't tell you how handsome these boys really are! You just gotta see for yourself. Oh, and they are handsome! And talented...well, they are handsome! Just click on Show Listings to see where they are playing.

What else have you got?
If you want a wee introduction to the boys in Semi Tone, and the rest of the Tone Deaf (Canada) crew, just click on The Band. Or, to get a taste of would you could hear at any one of our shows, click on The Music (Note: Due to limitations of instrumentation and, well, talent, not all bands listed are available with all our configurations.) Being that the name of our game is entertainment, we have lots of other things available here to keep you amused. To find out what we are up to and what we are finding amusing at the time, stop in at our Whas Up page. The R U Bored, R U a Drunkard and Other Stuff are all great stops, especially on your lunch break. And then, once you are sick of us, you can click on our Contact Us/Links page, tell us we are idiots, and find somewhere else cool to surf. Yup, we are a full service website.

Thanks for stopping in and we hope to see you out at a show soon. Cheers!


Semi Tone @ Jersey's
Semi Tone
Tuesday March 17th, 2020

Jersey's Bar and Grill
1450 Headon Road, Burlington - Phone (905) 319-0525

Show Time: 5:00 PM

St. Paddy's Day at Jerseys! It's a tradition!
And, not to break with tradition, we'll be there again!
Acting as Tone Deaf's opening band! Cheers!

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