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Links to Friends of Tone Deaf


Jersey's Bar and Grill
1450 Headon Road - Burlington
  Jersey's Bar & Grill
Jersey's in a North Burlington bar that runs band every Friday and Saturday night. Good sized bar...big stage...great place to catch a band...a Tone Deaf band! Well, HELLO!

Thirsty Cactus
2 King St E - Dundas
  Thirsty Cactus
Who would have thought, but the Thirsty Cactus specializes in Tex Mex. And they do it extremely well to boot! Add into that live entertainment and a cool old building with a crap load of have an excellent bar/restaurant. Right smack in the middle of the town of Dundas!

The Franklin Pourhouse
263 Queen St. S. - Streetsville
  The Franklin Pourhouse
150 years old... but it certainly don't look it! This place is stellar! Two floors and a patio, amazing food, great service... the Pourhouse has it all. Check it out on line and you'll be sure to be checking it out in person. Did we mention they have entertainment too? Oh yeah! Some damned good looking entertainment too! And you might even catch us there too.

Carrigan Arms
2025 Upper Middle Rd - Burlington
  Carrigan Arms
Ah yes, the Carrigan Arms...the bar we call home, located in North/West Burlington on Upper Middle at Brant. Their website has pretty much been abandoned, but you can still find some stuff there.

Innsville Restaurant
1143 Highway 8 - Stoney Creek (Winona)
  Innsville Restaurant
Best known for their amazing prime rib, the Innsville Restaurant is located on the North/West corner of Highway 8 and Lewis road in Winona. They have entertainment on Saturday nights, usually a single or a duo. Come for the food, stay for the music. Best of all, its not an expensive evening out!

Touchdown Willy's
239 Saint Catherine St - Smithville
  Touchdown Willy's
Fantastic bar in Smithville! Where? Basically just south of Grimsby. Where? Just click on the address would ya! Anyways, they have an amazing...and tolerant...staff, and great food. Best wings in town! Check it out.


Site61   Site61
Site61 is a three piece band out of the GTA area. A group of old farts like us! Used to tour around Canada with the fellas back in the 80's. Oh yeah, a lot more hair on all of us back then! We had a chance to catch up with the boys again back in October 2006. Great band! Which is exactly what we expected.
Legato Krista Blondin Music   Krista Blondin Music
We had the pleasure of working with Legato in the summer of 2006. Fantastic piano/vocal duet playing all the standards. Oh, they SO out classed us that day...but that really isn't all that difficult. Krista also has several other projects including a Janice Joplin tribute and a straight ahead Classic Rock band. Ladies, we are big fans!
James Anthony Room For Me   James Anthony
James is probably the best guitar player we've ever had the pleasure to know. Seriously, this guy is smokin'! You have to see this boy play. He's got a new album out, Room For Me, and he's playing around the area regularly. Check him out on a Saturday afternoon at the Carrigan Arms in Burlington. We promise you, you'll be blown away!
Johnny Max Band Sunday Night Soul   Johnny Max Band
Johnny Max probably knows more about hard core Blues and Soul than anybody we know! Between his band, oddly named the Johnny Max Band, and his radio show on AM1430, Sunday Night Soul, this boy will will introduce you to some of the finest Blues and Soul ever written and/or recorded.
Freedom Train   Freedom Train
Freedom Train is a great band out of the Hamilton/Burlington area. There are kind of everything Tone Deaf isn't...talented, good looking, and more often than not, sober. Hmm...maybe we could learn something from these guys...nah! Check 'em out!

Miscellaneous Friends

Overhear   Overhear
Overhear is the Ontario Independant Music Website. You can search bands, name it...and find out who's playing where...not that anyone but Tone Deaf really matters!
The View Magazine   View Magazine
Greater Hamilton's weekly alternative magazine. Complete with news, reviews, and live music listings. We're pretty big on the live listings ourselves. It a great place to go to find out who's playing where. And, being available in print and online, it's convenient too! What will they think of next?
Jamilton   Jamilton
The Jamilton Artist directory. Here, you are able to view profiles on local Hamilton area artists and bands who have submitted their information to Jamilton. As well, you can listen audio and watch video submitted by the artists, to hear what your community sounds like. And of course, we're in! Artist number 148 to be exact. Still working on the MP3 thing. We much prefer you just come out and see us much more life like! lists live music playing in the bars and restaurants of Mississauga. They also provides links to working artist's websites. Hey...we're working artists...we're on there!
Burlington Post Backbeat - Kathryn Dunmore   Backbeat -         
  Kathryn Dunmore
Kathryn Dunmore writes a column for the Burlington Post called Backbeat which highlights local bands and artist. Kathryn did a column on Tone Deaf back in 2002, in March of 2007, and more recently in August of 2008. Below are links to the latest articles:
            Tone Deaf/Semi Tone - Mar 30th, 2007
            Tone Deaf (Canada) - Aug 8th, 2008
Blue Angel Productions   Blue Angel
Blue Angel Productions is booking agency run by Cathy & Phil Richardson. They have a long list of band of every shape and size...from rock to country and all points inbetween! "We got both kinds of music here...Country and Western." But seriously, the list of bands is mind boggling! You can even find our ugly mugs there! "Say Cheese!"
Making Musical Dreams Come True.
Your source for the net's most indepth biographies on Canadian Classic Rock, complete discographies with jackets, independent artists, lyrics, midis, links, online polls, free downloads, interviews & reviews, live 24 hour chat, full line of message boards & e-mail discussion group! You can find us in the Artist Links section under, you guessed it, "T".
Canadian Tribute Bands   Canadian Tribute Bands
Canadian Tribute Bands (CTB) is an online listing of, well, Canadian Tribute Bands. They also have Cover and Original bands listed, along with Agents, Venues, etc. A great resource for bands and music fans alike. You can find us in their Tribute Bands listing under "T" strangly enough. Designed and created by: Stage Left Productions
The Children's Wish Foundation   Children's Wish
We can't say enough about these people. When we were getting the 1964 Party that we did in September of '04 together, these good folk were extremely helpful, not to mention the cause is exceptional. If you are planning a party/event and are in search of a worthy cause, we highly recommend you give them a call.
The CIRAA is the Canadian Independent Recording Artists' Association, "a non-profit collective of over 20,000 unsigned recording artists that are united for the first time in Canadian history."
Lets Fix CANCON   Lets Fix CANCON
CANCON is the CRTC's Canadian Content rule that requires radio stations to play 35-40% CANCON. Well, the rule is in need of an adjustment. Please click on the link to learn more. Also, if you wish, there is an online petition that you can fill out, in support of CANCON Pro., Canadian Indie Music Directory is the Canadian Indie Music Directory. You can search Canadian musicians and bands, and catch links to other sites in Canada and around the worlds. You can always find a link here, but you'll probably want to add them to your favourites too!
Clever Joe's Musician's Resource Center
Clever Joe's is a Musician's Resource Center that's NOT just for Canadian Musician. A virtual plethera of information on music, musicians, musical instruments, etc. Check 'em out!
FanSpace   FanSpace
FanSpace does web hosting, and will do it for free to boot. For a small fee you can upgrade to different web packages, but for a basic site it won't cost you a penny. That's why we use them. Thanks guys!

You wouldn't believe how many different website, profiles, links, etc. that Tone Deaf (Canada) actually has. Here is a short list of some of the websites or profiles that are out there:
        This is our main web address.
        This is Semi Tone's main address.
        This is where our site is actually hosted from. The "www" is optional.
        This was our first online presence, and we still list all our gigs here.
        The "Unofficial Tone Deaf Canada Website". Pretty much just a blog.

    You can catch us on Facebook too.

  • Our profile is listed as Tone Deaf
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  • There are many other links to our site too, which we love by-the-way. And we believe turnabout is fair play. So, if you host a website, and you have a link to our site, tell us about it and we will try and return the favour. Strength in numbers!

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